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Bug#421337: Carefull!! desktop installation.

On Fri, May 04, 2007 at 06:48:16PM -0500, Robert wrote:
> Thank you for your brilliant observations!! Let me clarify what YOU do 
> not seem to understand:

> 1) The fact that the desktop GUI is chosen by the development team and 
> NOT the installer DURING the installation process IS a bug. Bug, as in 
> programming or scripting ERROR.

No, it is a design decision.  That you don't *like* it does not make it a

> 2) The installer/user can NOT read the fucking installation guide when 
> you do NOT yet have an operating system.

> 3) If the installer uses the example in the initial help page (F4) 
> logically: tasks="dns-server, file-server, kde-desktop, standard"    The 
> installer gets a KDE GUI with Gnome components and NO server services. 
> This too seems to be a bug, however, I can workaround it.

> Fortunately for me, your colleagues are more tolerant of converts to the 
> Debian way of thinking.

I don't know where you got the idea that his colleagues are tolerant of
people being assholes in bug reports, but you are mistaken.  If you can't be
civil to the maintainers who respond to the bug reports you've filed,
I'll be happy to ask the BTS admins to block your access.

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