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Re: usplash in desktop task?

Frans Pop wrote:
> My point is that IMO that behavior (not displaying anything) is not 
> acceptable as it would mean the user is completely blind in case of boot 
> problems after the installation without _any_ clues as to what could be 
> wrong.
> As an example, we are getting a fairly steady flow of reports of "the 
> system hangs" for sparc when the only problem is that video output is 
> being directed to an inactive video card.
> My standpoint is that installing (or at least activating) splashy should 
> only be done if it is *known* beforehand that the display will be 
> correct.

usplash uses bogl, same as d-i, so if d-i worked in framebuffer mode,
I'll bet that usplash will also work. Until I see a system where it
doesn't anyway. :-) Systems installed using g-i also seem likely to support

Making debian-installer/framebuffer=false disable usplash would probably
be a good idea.

see shy jo

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