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Re: usplash in desktop task?

On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 08:01:25PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 08 May 2007 19:45, Otavio Salvador wrote:
We can add it as a architecture test and add a subtask for it that is
being installed just on i386, amd64 and ppc by now.

You misunderstand both Christian and me.
We're not talking about architecture here. We're talking about individual systems that may for whatever reasons not support displaying graphics during boot.

AFAIK, systems that do not work with bootsplashes (no vga, no vesa, no dedicated driver, or due to bugs) will not refuse to boot but instead the last message from GRUB ("Starting up") will be followed by a black screen until gdm starts up. This can in turn be removed by booting with the "nosplash" boot arg, so even if there are unsupported systems out there, dealing with them should be fairly easy.

In addition, if the fb existing drivers are so buggy for that system, chances are that X will also trip...meaning that the machine would be in trouble anyway.

David Härdeman

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