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Re: usplash in desktop task?

On Tuesday 08 May 2007 20:24, David Härdeman wrote:
> AFAIK, systems that do not work with bootsplashes (no vga, no vesa, no
> dedicated driver, or due to bugs) will not refuse to boot but instead
> the last message from GRUB ("Starting up") will be followed by
> a black screen until gdm starts up. This can in turn be removed by
> booting with the "nosplash" boot arg, so even if there are unsupported
> systems out there, dealing with them should be fairly easy.

My point is that IMO that behavior (not displaying anything) is not 
acceptable as it would mean the user is completely blind in case of boot 
problems after the installation without _any_ clues as to what could be 

As an example, we are getting a fairly steady flow of reports of "the 
system hangs" for sparc when the only problem is that video output is 
being directed to an inactive video card.

My standpoint is that installing (or at least activating) splashy should 
only be done if it is *known* beforehand that the display will be 

> In addition, if the fb existing drivers are so buggy for that system,
> chances are that X will also trip...meaning that the machine would be
> in trouble anyway.

Of course, but beside the point.

Note, all this is just my personal opinion and not a standpoint as RM.

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