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Re: usplash in desktop task?

David Härdeman <david@hardeman.nu> writes:

> I'm not overly concerned with which solution is picked in the end, but I
> do believe that Desktop lenny installs should have a bootsplash per
> default. Nor am I sufficiently familiar with both solutions to be able to
> compare them (perhaps Otavio can help here, considering that he is the
> (co-)maintainer for both).

I personally prefer splashy since it looks to have a better codebase
IMHO but it has some serious bugs (initramfs is the main one).

The nicest thing about splashy is its theme support. Is much easier to
build a splashy theme then usplash one...

> The only "killer app" for me with usplash is user input during boot - I
> know usplash (and cryptsetup using usplash) supports it out-of-the-box,
> does splashy?

Yes, this is indeed a plus for usplash.

> Another argument in favour of usplash is that Ubuntu uses it, so it should
> be well-tested, do any distros currently use splashy?

Yes, there're. Splashy has been use by Xandros and some live-cds too.

> Also, I wonder if there are differences in the list of arches that are
> supported by usplash and splashy? They seem to be built for the same
> arches but that doesnt mean they work on all arches...or that they are
> relevant on all arches, I'd imagine bootsplash-on-s390 to be quite
> useless.

Yes, you're right here.

Splashy can work where DFB (Direct FrameBuffer) has support. USplash
use bogl.

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