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Re: usplash in desktop task?

On Tue, May 8, 2007 13:22, Luis Matos said:
> Ter, 2007-05-08 Ã s 11:19 +0200, David Härdeman escreveu:
>> would be a good idea to add usplash to the Desktop task?
> i still prefer splashy ... it is software from in house (debian)

Your mail seems to be missing the most important part - arguments in
favour of your suggestion. "in house" is not something I'd regard as an

I'm not overly concerned with which solution is picked in the end, but I
do believe that Desktop lenny installs should have a bootsplash per
default. Nor am I sufficiently familiar with both solutions to be able to
compare them (perhaps Otavio can help here, considering that he is the
(co-)maintainer for both).

The only "killer app" for me with usplash is user input during boot - I
know usplash (and cryptsetup using usplash) supports it out-of-the-box,
does splashy?

Another argument in favour of usplash is that Ubuntu uses it, so it should
be well-tested, do any distros currently use splashy?

Also, I wonder if there are differences in the list of arches that are
supported by usplash and splashy? They seem to be built for the same
arches but that doesnt mean they work on all arches...or that they are
relevant on all arches, I'd imagine bootsplash-on-s390 to be quite

David Härdeman

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