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Questions about normal process of debian-installer

Hello there. I am not on this list, but will presumedly subscribe soon for exactly the sort of issue I have today. My company is working on bundling an internal distribution based on Ubuntu 6.06.1, which as you likely know uses debian-installer, and many other pieces of debian directly. The question I have right now is a debian- installer question.

Is there any support in debian-installer for displaying a README or similar sort of thing during (perhaps near the end of) the installation? Is the "your installation is complete" message somewhere in a configuration file that can be easily modified, or is it coded into the udeb that is the installer itself?

I know I could do this by installing my own udeb with anna- installer, and putting something into one of the hook directories (like /usr/lib/finish-install.d). I was just wondering if there was a more simple method...


                                            - Chris

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