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Re: Problems to install Debian on Sparcstation5 (debug)

On Saturday 05 May 2007 19:26, harry gaillac wrote:
> I agree you the fairly little memory is a problem  so
> I would like to use the Sarge installer instead of the
> Etch .  But either scsi module is different from the
> kernel revision loaded (esp) or the sunlance module
> can not be loaded.

I've just verified that the scsi module problem is indeed an issue with 
the last security update, but one that was not reported since march (!) 
last year. We'll try to fix that with the next planned point release for 

AFAIK we should have fixed the esp/crc module loading problems [1], but 
possibly something has gone wrong with the release of that. This may also 
be corrected with the next point release, but I'm not promising anything.

I would still suggest you try to find out what's really wrong with the 
Etch installation though.


[1] See the note for 3.1r4 on: 

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