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RE : Re: Problems to install Debian on Sparcstation5 (debug)

--- Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> a écrit :

> On Saturday 05 May 2007 19:26, harry gaillac wrote:
> > I agree you the fairly little memory is a problem 
> so
> > I would like to use the Sarge installer instead of
> the
> > Etch .  But either scsi module is different from
> the
> > kernel revision loaded (esp) or the sunlance
> module
> > can not be loaded.
> I've just verified that the scsi module problem is
> indeed an issue with 
> the last security update, but one that was not
> reported since march (!) 
> last year. We'll try to fix that with the next
> planned point release for 
> Sarge.
> AFAIK we should have fixed the esp/crc module
> loading problems [1], but 
> possibly something has gone wrong with the release
> of that. This may also 
> be corrected with the next point release, but I'm
> not promising anything.
> I would still suggest you try to find out what's
> really wrong with the 
> Etch installation though.

I installed Etch on my sparcstation5:

I set debconf to low

I loaded just the scsi-modules

However I don't configure clock and timezone so it's
ok for the base-system

I ran silo and reboot!

The fairly little memory was probably a problem !!



> Cheers,
> [1] See the note for 3.1r4 on: 

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