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Bug#421402: It's installed by default but not activated and configured by default!

En/na Geert Stappers ha escrit:
Op 29-04-2007 om 10:26 schreef Xan:
En/na Frans Pop ha escrit:
On Saturday 28 April 2007 22:38, Xan wrote:
Yes the packages of selinux are installed by default but not activated
and configured by default (parameter "selinux=1" in kernel, politics
file, etc) and there is no possibility of doing it in the d-i

I think that the bug should be marked as open for these reasons
Not really. The selinux people in Debian will make that decision when the time is ripe. There is absolutely no "bug" that needs to be tracked, especially not in the installation system.
So, is there planned option for activated and configured in future releases?

If yes, will you provide options to debian-installer for not activate it,
for those who don't want it?

Questions like those, steady usual unanswered.
Because the (unwritten) answer is a mix of:

 * Yes
 * You are welcome to do so
 * Check the release goals of this project
 * Are you asking for permission? Or are you hiring people to do so?

I only bug it because I think:
- it's at least an incongruency that we have a selinux kernel capable and in installation we have not the possibility of activate/desactivate it installation - it's a "interface bug" of installation process. I think that in expert mode it should be present - it's a recordatory for that: people working in d-i/selinux have present and if anyone wants to contribute in d-i/selinux, know what fails

I don't want contribute in code (I'm not a programmer). I only wanted to help detecting some bugs or wishes (if you tag this bug as it) for improve debian. If you closed the bug, the bug is alive yet.


Hope this Helps
Geert Stappers

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