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Bug#421402: It's installed by default but not activated and configured by default!

Op 29-04-2007 om 10:26 schreef Xan:
> En/na Frans Pop ha escrit:
> >On Saturday 28 April 2007 22:38, Xan wrote:
> >>Yes the packages of selinux are installed by default but not activated
> >>and configured by default (parameter "selinux=1" in kernel, politics
> >>file, etc) and there is no possibility of doing it in the d-i
> >>
> >>I think that the bug should be marked as open for these reasons
> >
> >Not really. The selinux people in Debian will make that decision when the 
> >time is ripe. There is absolutely no "bug" that needs to be tracked, 
> >especially not in the installation system.
> So, is there planned option for activated and configured in future releases?
> If yes, will you provide options to debian-installer for not activate it,
> for those who don't want it?

Questions like those, steady usual unanswered.
Because the (unwritten) answer is a mix of:

 * Yes
 * You are welcome to do so
 * Check the release goals of this project
 * Are you asking for permission? Or are you hiring people to do so?

Hope this Helps
Geert Stappers

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