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Re: Some ideas regarding hardware detection and the installation system

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

>   Hardware (PCI, DMI, CPU, USB, etc) mapped do one or more of
>     - Kernel module name
>     - X driver name

About X driver would be nice to have fallback options. For example, if
the user has the non-free driver for nvidia this should be choosen
instead of nv but if it's not available, nv should be used.

> I suspect the discover v2 package might be a good base to implement
> this, as it already support mapping from various hardware types to
> kernel module, X driver and Debian package.  The missing parts are
>  - Mapping from kernel module to Debian package.
>  - User space dialog asking if a debian package should be installed.
>  - System to handle kernel source module packages (aka
>    module-assistant prepare/build/install).
> What are your view on this?  I plan to give a talk during DebConf
> about these ideas, and wanted to run them past you all to get
> feedback.

I'd love to have it in place and I'll probably be able to help on it
from by side.

I also think that before starting work on discover2 more closely we'd
remove discover1 completely from the system and drop their packages
from the archive. This would free us from support more then one
database (even being automaticaly produced using the v2 as origin).

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