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Bug#418043: debian installer: problems with timezone, grub & sata drive, noacpi bootparam, and encrypted partitions

> > Comments/Problems:
> > 0. The zeroth problem was booting. Somewhere in the help where you find
> > it right away it says to use noacpi if the system hangs. I tried that
> > and it didn't work. In another spot more buried (I think in the special
> > parameter section) it says use acpi=off. Well, only the acpi=off
> > worked.
> That is basically a kernel problem and nothing we can solve in the 
> installer itself. 

if this is the case, then *both* options obviously need to be be on both help pages, not one on one page and the other on a completely different page. In particular, both options should be right on that first troubleshooting help page where it first talks about what to do if the system hangs on booting.

> > 4. The fourth and worst problem came when I tried to reboot my "new
> > system"...didn't work at all, 

> The dialog actually says "the MBR of the 
> _first_ harddisk".

as far as I'm concerned, my sata1 drive *is* the first harddisk! If you had a sata1 drive, a dvd-recorder on hda, and an old ide on hdb, what would you consider to be your first harddisk? Is a sata1 drive not a harddisk?

Most importantly, this behaviour isn't mentioned in the dialogue nor documented in the guide, so at the very least, this is an important piece of information to add to both.

> Closing your report as there were no real new issues. 

I  must say I feel put off by this. Most of the issues are minor (as I myself also stated), but the sata problem cost me a lot of time (as did the careful documentation and submission of my installation report) and I feel completely guiltless in this issue. It's not a faq, it's not in the guide, it's unexpected behaviour, and it cost me a couple hours. All you need is to do is add a comment to the grub dialogue screen and the guide to the effect that this might be a problem. How can you be so cavalier about closing this bug and stating "no real issues"? Most new computers have sata drives and many people installing new systems will be plugging in some old ide drive to transfer data from.  Are you prepared to potentially waste the hours of other people's lives by not addressing this real problem? 

I don't think the acpi thing should be so flippantly disregarded either. It's just too easy to add a comment on the right page to save users trouble, so why not do it?


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