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Bug#418043: acpi=off versus noacpi bootparam

reopen 418043
retitle 418043 acpi=off versus noacpi bootparam
tags 418043 +moreinfo
thanks bug tracking system

Hello Josh,

Op 14-04-2007 om 22:26 schreef Josh Buhl:
> I don't think the acpi thing should be so flippantly disregarded
> either. It's just too easy to add a comment on the right page to save
> users trouble, so why not do it?

We more information then the "Somewhere" from

  0. The zeroth problem was booting. Somewhere in the help where you find
  it right away it says to use noacpi if the system hangs. I tried that
  and it didn't work. In another spot more buried (I think in the special
  parameter section) it says use acpi=off. Well, only the acpi=off worked.

So Josh,
Please point us to the "Somewhere" that needs added a comment.

Geert Stappers

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