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Re: Planned changes to D-I "level 1" translation framework

> Based on the comments above, I'd suggest to reorganize the level files as 
> in the attachments.

Agreed and committed.

> Finally, I sincerely do hope that this framework will not increase the 
> number of automated commits in the archive. The SVN logs are already 
> hardly readable because of all the l10n-sync commits.

The only additionnal commits from l10n-sync should occur when the
sublevel 2 files will be updated from sublevel 1 strings if strings
that are common to both files are modified in sublevel 1.

Commits to the individual packages should not change as the files will
be updated at each run from either the sublevel1 or sublevel2 files.

I just reduced the number of l10n-sync runs to one daily only (we had
two runs a day in the recent months).

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