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Planned changes to D-I "level 1" translation framework

I plan some changes to the D-I translation framework.

The sarge->etch release cycle showed that giving translators a good
way to plan their work would be much appreciated.

The current master file for all D-I packages has 1540 strings, which
is huge.

My proposal is to split this out in 2 or more "sublevels" (the plan is
currently to use two levels):

- the first one would include all packages use in "standard"
  installation for "common" architectures

- the other one would include the remaining packages

"standard" and "common" are to be defined. Up to now, "common" means
i386 and amd64.

The current split gives 837 strings in sublevel1 and 721 in sublevel2
(some strings are common to both sublevels).

The lists of packages in the 2 sublevels are in the files named
packages_list_sublevel1 and packages_list_sublevel2 in packages/po in
the D-I SVN.

When strings are common to different sublevels, the translations do
"down" from the the lowermost sublevel (ie the one with the lowest
number) to the uppermost one, to avoid duplicate work and

Please comment about this plan (which has already been discussed with
Frans but may need improvements).

Please DO NOT update files in sublevel1 and sublevel2 yet as your
changes would be lost. The switch to this new model will be announced
when it is ready.


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