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Bug#418382: choose-mirror: Better handling of suite/codename; support oldstable

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De: Frans Pop [mailto:aragorn@tiscali.nl] 
Enviado el: Lunes, 09 de Abril de 2007 11:13 a.m.
Para: BTS submit
Asunto: Bug#418382: choose-mirror: Better handling of suite/codename;
support oldstable

Package: choose-mirror

I have been thinking that better support for oldstable would be good to
have, even for netboot, floppy installations. This should be possible...

During the release process for Etch, we also saw a somewhat related problem
in choose-mirror with CD installs because the Release file on the mirrors
had not been updated even though CD-ROMs were already at stable=etch.

In generators/50mirror apt-setup sets the following based on the Release
file on the CD-ROM:
But choose-mirror will then check the mirror first for "stable" and thus
finds "sarge" as codename.

As the installation is now much more based on codename anyway, maybe we
should ignore the suite a bit more and switch to matching primairily on
codename. This would also get rid of having to set suite=<codename> in
debian/rules for official releases.

Alternatively, we could also let generators/50mirror set mirror/suite to the
codename from the CD (similar to what we do in debian/rules).

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