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Re: r46016 - in trunk/packages/main-menu: . debian

On Friday 30 March 2007 19:55, Colin Watson wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 01:50:14PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > For example, if you want to change the mirror protocol, or setup the
> > sudo for the target system, or not create a user account, you can
> > currently just <Go Back> to the main menu, select the component again
> > and you will have those options available.
> This always seemed like a non-intuitive Easter egg to me. Why not
> explicitly change the priority using cdebconf-priority if that's what
> you actually want? It's not clear to me that it ought to be the
> default.

Well, as long as #331679 is not fixed, that is very uncomfortable.

> > Also, I don't really see the difference between selecting a component
> > again straight away and first executing a different (no-op) component
> > like Save debug logs, Check CD integrity or Start a debug shell
> > before going back to the component.
> Perhaps neverdefault components ought to be special-cased here. I can
> see that we perhaps ought not to return the priority to the default on
> selecting them.

Hmm. I would say that with this change, selecting a neverdefault component 
should not reset last_item_backup.

Note that save-logs somehow already does that. I have no idea how though.

> > IMO, the old behavior of only resetting the priority after successful
> > completion of the next selected component was more useful.
> The next selected component might be quite long and involve many steps
> of its own. What if it happens to be pkgsel, for instance?

Are you suggesting we should disable that behavior altogether then?

BTW, is there really any reason to lower the priority below "medium" on 
errors? AFAIK we don't have any questions that add problem solving 
capacity at low priority and if a user really wants low priority he can 
always select "Change debconf priority". The main thing is to display the 
menu on errors. IMO the logic could be changed to:
   on error, if priority > medium, then priority == medium

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