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Re: modify existing menu.lst instead of creating a new one

On (28/03/07 11:31), Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> Hi all,
> as far as  I know the default  behaviour of d-i  when the user answers
> yes to the question "Do you  want to use  GRUB as boot manager", is to
> first search for other operating systems, generating the menu.lst file
> accordingly,  and  then  install is own  instance   of  grub (possibly
> overwriting an existing instance).
> That was always fine for me, but  recently I was  asked by a couple of
> users if it  is possible to  make  the d-i  detect if a  GRUB instance
> already  exists, and  possibly add    an entry  for  the system  being
> installed  to the relevant  existing  menu.lst, without generating its
> own instance.
> Would this be possible at the state of the art?

If there is already an instance of grub, it is best to proceed without
the bootloader, then reboot into the prior system and edit the grub
menu.lst adding the new system initrd and vmlinuz locations.

I've got 5 systems on this box and the additional systems were added
like this.



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