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Re: modify existing menu.lst instead of creating a new one

On Wednesday 28 March 2007 11:31, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> That was always fine for me, but  recently I was  asked by a couple of
> users if it  is possible to  make  the d-i  detect if a  GRUB instance
> already  exists, and  possibly add    an entry  for  the system  being
> installed  to the relevant  existing  menu.lst, without generating its
> own instance.

It seems to me that this would be a lot more complex and thus fragile than 
the current method. It would also require D-I making changes in a 
partition that is "owned" by another operating system, and I'm not sure 
we should do that.

Even if you would make a copy of the existing menu.lst, you'd have to do 
extensive checks that its format is compatible with debian and add the 
support for automatically updating it when new kernels are installed.

My first reaction is that if people have such a complex setup that a newly 
generated menu.lst does not fit their needs, they will probably have also 
the skills to either:
- make their old grub configuration active again and add the new debian
  system in that (although they should probably have selected the "don't
  install a boot loader" option in that case anyway
- copy their old grub configuration and adapt that
- adapt the new grub configuration

However, patches are welcome and will be considered. Note that we will 
likely switch to grub2 sometime for lenny which AFAICT uses a different 
file with slightly different syntax.


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