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Re: r46016 - in trunk/packages/main-menu: . debian

Frans Pop wrote:
> (No need to CC me; I'm subscribed to the list; as you may have noticed I 
> no longer CCed you after it became obvious that you were subscribed.)
> On Friday 23 March 2007 16:22, Sander Marechal wrote:
>> Frans Pop wrote:
>>> Slight correction after checking the code: Grub can also jump to
>>> the "devices" question if another *unsupported* operating system was
>>> detected by os-prober. However, that is independent of the priority
>>> level.
>> Does Debian/etch-xen fall under that? That's what was already on the
>> server when I started the install.
> Yes, could well be. I'd have to see the output of os-prober to check 
> (os-prober can be run from VT2 at any time after disks have been 
> detected).

I'll give it a try later on. I have to check if the LVM issue uis solved
with today's daily build anyway. What's the exact command? Just "os-prober"?

Sander Marechal

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