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Re: r46016 - in trunk/packages/main-menu: . debian

Frans Pop wrote:
> That is just not true. The question of grub paths will _only_ be asked if 
> you select "do not install in the MBR of the first disk".

Bug in the installer perhaps? I was asked the grub install location, but
not the password question after doing the procedure I explained in my
installation report. In total I backed out twice from the partitioner.

>> Perhaps there should be an option in the menu that you see after
>> backing out of something that toggles expert mode on/off?
> There is, it is called "Set debconf priority". You can use that to set the 
> priority back to "high".

Good, I didn't know that :-) Then again, as a non-expert I also didn't
know that the debconf level means "expert yes/no".

Sander Marechal

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