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Re: r46016 - in trunk/packages/main-menu: . debian

On Friday 23 March 2007 15:09, Sander Marechal wrote:
> It's also very annoying for people who have no idea how to answer the
> expert questions (a.k.a. me). For example, during the install I had to
> back out of the partitioner, rescan the hard drives and start the
> partitioner again (see install report #415963). Suddenly I was asked to
> specify GRUB install paths and the like, while all I wanted was
> "default - MBR".

That is just not true. The question of grub paths will _only_ be asked if 
you select "do not install in the MBR of the first disk".
The only extra question that could be asked during grub installation is a 
grub password, and that is only asked at _low_ priority, i.e. two levels 
down from the default.

Because of your problems with raid/lvm, it seems you have been backing up 
to the menu several times.

> Perhaps there should be an option in the menu that you see after
> backing out of something that toggles expert mode on/off?

There is, it is called "Set debconf priority". You can use that to set the 
priority back to "high".

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