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small report and question about multiboot

Hi Greetings for the Debian installer-team,

I tried to use the 17th March cd-iso rc2, only the first one.

0. it lasted 3 - 5 times before booting started

1. boot from cd-rom: non emulation booting appeared

2. next was: Isolinux... Peter Anvin

3. next was: picture not to recognize, only to read GNU/Linux

F1 or Enter...

I broke the test up, cause I didn't know what would happen to my existing partitions: win/suse/debian-kanotix. My system is an Acer aspire, 

1300 with UJDA 730 DVD/CDRW Matshita or so

Is there a chance to get a multiboot-debian? From former installations I know that debian can boot with windows, but not with suse. Otherwise, if you install suse at last, you can integrate three systems.

Please could you inform me about the options I have this time 
and Good luck for your great work.

bye Rainer

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