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Bug#415465: installation-reports: errors during install

On Monday 19 March 2007 20:20, The Elmers wrote:
> There were multiple problems with the install.  Some of the time it
> would hang during the manual LVM partition.  One time it hung after
> configuring X.  The last time I got a failure message during the
> software installation step but I continued on with grub etc.  During
> the last install X was not configured.

If you would like us to look into these errors, you will have to provide 
some additional information. Especially the syslog of the installation 
which should show the exact errors.

For you last installation, the syslog should be available in
/var/log/installer/ on the installed system. During installation you can 
save it using the "Save debug logs" option in the installer's main menu.

For the partitioning issue, you would probably have to reproduce it before 
we can look into it and if any errors are displayed on screen, we would 
need those to (exact words).

If you mail us the syslog, please gzip it!


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