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Re: Bug#413931: d-i missing ide modules

On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Frans Pop wrote:

On Wednesday 07 March 2007 23:58, Lou Poppler wrote:

> The text of the error screen, and the text of the Installation Guide,
> seem to be saying clearly that these modules are needed to drive the
> IDE hardware, and this was the last chance to automatically find them,
> and it did not succeed.

No, the message is just informing you that those modules those modules are associated with your hardware, but have not been loaded. To be honest, that message is there more for debugging than for signalling any real issues.
Unfortunately it tends to be more confusing than helpful to users.

Yes, confusing and scary.  Perhaps the words "needed" and "need" are
too strong in this message.  I leave this bug open only to allow
d-i maintainers to consider if they want to reword it.

It is extremely unlikely that your disk problems were in any way caused by the installer, and certainly not by the presence of this message. Note that the message would not even be shown during a regular (non-expert) installation. That would be unthinkable if it contained any real information.

If you select "manual partitioning" in the first dialog of the partitioner and the next screen shows your harddisk and the existing partitions that are on it, there is nothing to worry about.
Given the age of your system it should be well supported by Sarge. If it were a recent system I'd advice to install Etch instead of Sarge, but for a Pentium 3 box there is no reason for that.

Hope this gives you the confidence to proceed.

Yes, thank you.  The CD part of the install finished fine, the disks are
partitioned and OK, and now it has rebooted from the hard disk and is
happily downloading more packages.

Thanks again.

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