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Bug#389881: RC-ness of this bug

> I don't believe this should be changed for etch at this point in 
> the release
> process, and that's speaking as someone who's run into this problem myself
> with SCSI device renumbering -- it's awkward and annoying to have to
> manually fiddle your boot config because a USB device is no longer
> registering as /dev/sda, and it's not in line with the quality of 
> experience
> that our users have come to expect when installing Debian >:), but I don't
> think that makes anything unreleasable.  Changing the fstab 
> handling at this
> point could break many other scenarios that we haven't thought of 
> and tested
> for, whereas the USB issue can be documented in the errata.
what about writing out a /etc/fstab.by-id file with the header below 
followed by a copy of thier normal fstab changed to use the 
/dev/disk/by-id/ syntax? that way we could instruct newbies who run 
into this problem to just boot in rescue mode and run 
"cp /etc/fstab.by-id /etc/fstab". that seems to be much simpler to
explain to people than a manual fixup whilst not risking breakage 
for anyone who doesn't run into the device rearangement problem.

header for /etc/fstab.by-id

# /etc/fstab.by-id
# This file was generated by the debian installer. It represents the same 
# partition structure as the /etc/fstab that the installer generated but 
# references disks by thier "id" rather than by thier traditional unix names
# which are prone to change on first boot after installation or on changing 
# hardware. 
# This structure is not used by default for etch installations (but probablly 
# will be for lenny) because of the possibility of regressions from such a 
# major change late in the release process. If you wish to use it and have not
# modified /etc/fstab after installation you may copy this file to "/etc/fstab"

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