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Re: Wrong console characters are after fresh etch install

> Op 25-02-2007 om 20:15 schreef Durk Strooisma:
>> Did anybody notice this issue as well? Or is it just me?
> It is the first report I can remember  ( b.t.w. I'm human )
> If it is just you, then you have the check _both_ ends of the terminal.
> One end is "display server side", the other is computer you work in.

I did some more tests, I think the problem isn't at my side:

- None of my Sarge-installation exhibit this behaviour.

- An etch install with d-i 2007-02-23 on VMware exhibit the issue
  via a Putty terminal session and the VMware Server Console.
  Reinstalled a couple of times in order to reproduce the issue.
  Yes, it was reproducable.

- A completely different etch install with d-i rc1 with preseeding
  on a physical machine exhibit the issue using a Putty terminal

- I tested the above with two different client desktops.

I can't imagine others didn't encounter the issue. The command "man sudoers"
and "dpgk-reconfigure locales" easily shows the issue.


>> Thanks in advance,
>> Durk
> HtH
> GSt
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