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Re: Installer bugs in Debian Etch, snapshot 130207

Op 21-02-2007 om 17:12 schreef Uwe Bugla:
> Hi everybody reading this,
> the following goes to the netinst CD and the first DVD of the distribution mentioned above.
> In the installer, the menu point ???Choose software to install??? does not work as expected.
~ I got a [ kludge server ]
~ I add [ further kludge ]
~ But at this time of installation there is [ breakage ]
> My proposals for installer script changes would be:
> 1. To see the problem yourself just execute the scenery according to the example above.
~ 2. After the first reboot the installer should [ fix what is broken at server side ]

My advice is to spend time on the setup of the server.

Geert Stappers

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