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Installer bugs in Debian Etch, snapshot 130207

Hi everybody reading this,
the following goes to the netinst CD and the first DVD of the distribution mentioned above.
In the installer, the menu point „Choose software to install“ does not work as expected.

I got a server with the three DVD images being loop mounted to /var/www/apache2-default/etch1 etch2 etch3 at every start.
So if I use the netinst CD I am not using an Internet server like „ftp.debian.org <ftp://ftp.debian.org/>“
I add the appropriate entry manually.
Example: deb <> etch main contrib
The installer handles that very fine. Before the menu point „Choose software to install“ arises the etc/apt/sources.list contains the netinst CD entry plus the example mentioned above.
But at this time of installation there is no chance to improve /etc/apt/sources.list by further entries like:
deb <>
and so on........
But as soon as I enter „Choose software to install“ and leave the default entries „Desktop“ and „standard system“ the catastrophe is there: After pressing enter
the installer benchmark hangs up the system at the point of 5 %. You don´t have any chance to stop that by missing timeout entries or by pressing STRG-C. You are completely lost and must hard reset the machine on which even grub does not function at all because the installers entry „Install grub to the boot sector“ comes after „Choose software to install.“

My proposals for installer script changes would be:

1.	To see the problem yourself just execute the scenery according to the example above.
2.	After the first reboot ( i. e. when language, grub, keyboard options etc. are stored to harddisk) the installer should come up automatically again then offering „Choose software to install.“ (NOT in the first place as that is buggy, but after the first reboot).

Best regards


P. S.: Above the mentioned bug I am wondering why the latest kernel has not been ported into the distro yet.
Excluding those crucial points mentioned above I am very content, happy and thankful for that latest Debian snapshot. It´s great fun to work with as it is a tremendous effort! Real good stuff.
The graphical installer looks very fine, but it should at least imply a second console to control what the installer is doing.

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