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Bug#411733: fire v100 installation report

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, Geert Stappers wrote:

> Op 20-02-2007 om 18:16 schreef Peter Palfrader:
> > 
> > Initial boot:           [O]
> > Detect network card:    [E]
> > 	the dmfe module was loaded which broke networking completely,
> > 	even tho the tulip module was later loaded too.  unloading dmfe
> > 	and loading tulip didn't help either.  Blacklisting dmfe helped.
> What was the extra boot parameter you used for the blacklisting?

   boot net0:,boot.img,,,3,3, dmfe.blacklist=yes)
   boot <network-device>:[dhcp,][server-ip],[boot-filename],[client-ip],[router-ip],[boot-retries],[tftp-retries],[subnet-mask] [boot-arguments]

> > Installed kernel boots: [E]
> > 	The installed kernel (2.6.18-3) didn't boot.
> >       2.6.18-4 from unstable did.
> What should other people do that find this BR through a search engine?
> Please tell what you did to install that extra kernel.

Boot d-i again, let it detect all the hw, get a shell, mount the system
on /target, chroot there, change sources list to unstable, apt-get
update, apt-cache search linux-image, apt-get install the new one.

> BR 411367 is indeed about disclosing MAC address.
> "link active/not active" is allready available and hidden in the default
> interface ( the cursor is at the NIC with "link detect" )
> Did it work for your dual ethernet card?

Just tested it again, and no, it did not work unfortunately.  eth0 is selected
by default but eth1 is the one that has a link.  But it's nice to know for the
future, thanks.

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