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Bug#411552: please set a timeout in syslinux screen

On Tue, Feb 20, 2007 at 03:35:30AM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Here are some scenarios to consider:
> * Suppose that I'm blind. I put in the CD, reboot, and wait the 5
>   minutes I generally wait to get it past post[1]. Then I carefully start
>   typing the necessary kernel options for my braille reader into the
>   syslinux prompt I expect to be there...

syslinux supports beeping (by printing ^G or with the .beep command specified
in menu/MENU_FORMAT).  If d-i beeps (once or even a few times) when the boot
prompt is presented, that helps a lot.  If it beeps a few seconds before the
time runs out, that also helps.

I think this makes it even better than what we have now (since user doesn't
really know if she waited enough or not).  But of course, input from a blind
person on this would be more interesting.

> * Suppose that the machine is being booted by a rack monkey at the data
>   center. If it's set up like my data center, this means they put the CD
>   in the front of the rack, power on the machine, then run 200 feet
>   around to the back of the rack -- only to find that the crash cart
>   with the display isn't hooked up to the right machine. So they switch
>   it to the right one. Meanwhile, I want them to boot with "auto=true" to
>   avoid walking them through the whole install over the phone, and am
>   subsequently quite confused when I tell them to type that, and they
>   say that it replies with "Elektu landon, teritorion au aeron" and some
>   other strange words.
>   Can you figure out what happened based on the above description? :-)

Well, not really.  Typing "auto\n" enables Tagalog, and "<foo> auto=true\n"
enables English.  But I get the point ;)

How big is that datacenter anyway?  I can't imagine your "monkey" being so
slow not to be back there in 5 minutes.  Anyway, we can make the timeout
even longer.. and for a long enough timeout, the benefit of supporting some
more computers should outgrow the inconvenient of having a timeout at all.

> * My grandnephew Kai Runyon[2] is here visiting. He's 2, and he likes to
>   pound on keyboards and flip switches. He finds my power switch. Then he
>   finds my keyboard. I come out of a programming haze to find my media
>   server formatting its home directory thanks to the d-i CD I just had
>   it burn.
>   Ok, granted, the timeout only saved him one well-placed enter, but
>   it's not unheard of for my home network to have preseed setups enabled
>   that let this whole scenario happen with only a few keystrokes.

That's very bad security if you don't trust people with local access (even
if they're not malicious ;)).  I take it you use your media server to burn
preseed setups but never to *test* them, so shouldn't your media server
have CD boot disabled in BIOS?

> * My kiosk machine only has a user-accessible touchscreen, the keyboard
>   is locked away to avoid all those easily implantable keylogger chips,
>   and other problems. I leave an installation CD in it so that it can be
>   quickly reinstalled if something goes wrong, or weekly (just in case).
>   One day I decide to switch it to this new version of the lenny CD,
>   which happens to be the one where g-i becomes the default installer.
>   This also happens to be the one that a tricky user of the kiosk uses to
>   intercept a lot of credit card numbers, after running through the whole
>   g-i install using only the keypad, to get root.

Bad security again.  Shouldn't these machines have anything-but-first-hard-disk
boot disabled in BIOS?  And if you enable that temporarily and then leave a CD
that gives anyone root, and rely exclussively on lack of keyboard *and* d-i
not having any timeout for a system where security is so critical that it
can be used to steal credit card numbers, I think you get what you deserve.

> [2] Hi future Kai doing your first self-google! :-)

Lol.  Maybe google won't exist by then ;)

Robert Millan

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