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Bug#403195: installation: Finnish timezone not selected by the etch installer

On 2/18/07, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:

16:20 < fjp> What about not including countrychooser in the initrd and
 not preseeding the country?
16:21 < fjp> s/countrychooser/localechooser/
16:22 < fjp> It is what s/390 does with locale preseeded to C. Then
 the country gets asked for the timezone as tzconfig depends on
 localechooser. (IIRC)

Gordon, do you think you could try that?

It works ! I removed localechooser from the installer image by adding
'localechooser -' to pkg-lists/netboot/arm/ixp4xx.cfg, and I commented
out the line

add "$FILE" "countrychooser/country-name" "select" "United States"

in packages/oldsys-preseed/oldsys-preseed. With these changes, the
installer allows one to select a country after partitioning the drive,
but before selecting time zone, as Frank suggested.

Just for interest, I'm going to see what happens if one includes
localechooser in the installer image, but no preselected country.


Gordon Farquharson

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