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Bug#403195: installation: Finnish timezone not selected by the etch installer

* Tony Hoyle <tmh@nodomain.org> [2007-01-26 11:41]:
> No it's another one.  About 2/3rds of the way through a dialog pops
> up saying 'You are in Europe/Andorra timezone'* with no option to
> override or anything, just a confirmation button.

Hmm, that's pretty odd.  I just did an installation and after the
partitioning I got a menu listing all US timezones and I could choose
one, see http://www.cyrius.com/tmp/timezone.png
Note that it displays US timezones because we have to skip the country
selection and therefore simply assume the country is USA (not a great
choice but I had to pick one country; hey, I'm in Europe myself).

So I don't see how you'd get Europe/Andorra at all.  I'm fairly sure I
saw this myself in the past but maybe something changed in the
installer.  (This menu where you can choose timezones after the
partitioner definitely wasn't there in the past).

So I'm a) a little bit lost about what you're seeing and b) have no
idea whether we can handle this situation better.
Martin Michlmayr

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