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Bug#403195: installation: Finnish timezone not selected by the etch installer

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
So I don't see how you'd get Europe/Andorra at all.  I'm fairly sure I
saw this myself in the past but maybe something changed in the
installer.  (This menu where you can choose timezones after the
partitioner definitely wasn't there in the past).

It's possible it got 'fixed' at some point and the binary build hasn't been updated. Both me and the original reporter saw it though..

Which image did you use? I used the unofficial one (with the network firmware in it) since not having ethernet seemed kinda a biggie for me with the official builds... (http://www.slug-firmware.net/d-dls.php)

If there's a later one and they haven't rebuilt it that would explain the difference.

IMO the menu should show all timezones though - maybe the d-i guys can add a 'world' country or something so that can happen (I'm only guessing that it's that easy... if not then just ignore me :) )


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