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images lack signature and archive signature check fails

Hi all,

due to missing hardware support in the sarge kernel I need to use an
etch installation medium to install a new system. Unfortunately, I can't
seem to find working images.

First of all I found it a bit irritating that the daily/weekly images
aren't cryptographically singed. I suspect this is due to the way these
images are built/uploaded. But in lack of other options (the RC1 images
don't work any longer) it would be nice to have at least some snapshot
(not neccessarily a daily/weekly updated one) that's signed.

The actual showstopper, however, is the missing Release.gpg file in the
current images (I've checked netinst and businesscard so far). The
DebianInstaller/Today wiki page lists this as a known issue and suggests
removing /usr/bin/gpgv as a workaround.

AIUI, that would disable the signature check altogether which I'd like
to avoid for obvious reasons.

Does anyone have any suggestion how to a) get a signed installer image
that b) verifies the integrity of downloaded files?



Rene Wagner
reenoo at gmx dot de
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