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Bug#411318: Vedr. Re: Bug#411318: Failed to configure encrypted volumes


Fair enough, it's a bit obscure but documented. But
unless it planned to be fixed by the time Etch gets
out, may I suggest a more informative error message?
If I had gotten "This operation is not supported using
the graphical installer, use the command-line install"
everything would be fine IMO but as it is, it sounds
like a wrongly built installer.

Kjell Rune

--- Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> skrev:

> On Sunday 18 February 2007 08:29, Kjell Rune
> Skaaraas wrote:
> > Comments/Problems:
> > Used GUI install, [...]
> > "Required programs missing. This build of debian
> > installer does not include one or more programs
> that
> > are required for partman-crypto to function
> > correctly."
> > Tried it again on non-GUI install, now it works
> (wtf?)
> > or at least I got past that point
> This is documented in the installation guide.
> As it is a known and documented issue, I'm closing
> your report.
> Cheers,

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