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Bug#411399: installation-guide: claims that the swap partition is created *outside* the LVM partition

Package: installation-guide
Version: 20070122
Severity: normal


Section _Partitioning Your Disks_[1] states:

| If you choose guided partitioning using (encrypted) LVM, the installer
| will also create a separate /boot partition. The other partitions,
| except for the swap partition, will be created inside the LVM partition.

[1] which is inside

AFAICT, guided partitioning creates all the other partitions, apart from
the /boot partition, *inside* the LVM partition.
That is to say:

  disk --+
         |-- /boot
         |--  PV  ---+
                     |- VG ---+
                              |-- LV home
                              |-- LV root
                              |-- LV swap
                              |-- LV tmp
                              |-- LV usr
                              |-- LV var

Hence, I would say:

  s/except for the swap partition/including the swap partition/

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