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Bug#410596: [Fwd: (process:number) INFO: kbd-mode: setting console mode to Unicode (UTF-8)]

On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 04:51:55PM +0100, Pablo Ripolles wrote:

> recently i've submitted an installation-report associated to a failed 
> etch installation (CD netinst method) on an AlphaStation 500/266.  this 
> post is mainly because i suspect that it might be an alpha related bug 
> and because it was my first time reporting such problem.  now, has 
> anyone in the alpha port community recently tried to install etch?  
> perhaps with a similar system as mine?  i've no idea why this happened 
> and i'd like to be able to install etch in its final version.  i'm 
> afraid that this bug report passes unnoticed, should i report it 
> otherwise?  here is a link of the archived report:

I've certainly tested installing etch on alpha recently, but not on a
machine requiring low memory mode.  I have no idea what the minimum memory
requirements for the installer might be on alpha.

> no big problem so far, however when i push it through "Detect network 
> hardware",
> the logging console (Alt-F4) shows the kernel killing several processes 
> associated
> with the message "Out of Memory"

Yes, that pretty much says it all.

I haven't looked at the low-memory mode menu in quite some time.  Do you
have the option at this point to mount swap space?  That's the only way
you're going to get enough virtual memory to be able to continue the install
of etch; there's certainly no way that the installer's memory requirements
on alpha are going to be lowered for etch.

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