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D-I RC2 - Intermezzo

Due to the expiration of the 2006 key, the RC1 D-I and CD images, and also 
the weekly CDs have become mostly unusable.
Doing a D-I release without a kernel that is at least intended to be 
released with Etch available in testing is a pointless exercise, however 
leaving users without any full CD/DVD images is also not nice. See my 
mail to d-d-a for the way we've solved this.

This implies that D-I in testing is no longer used and will not be usable 
again until RC2 is released.
If anyone is using testing to base installers for derived distributions 
on: don't, it will most likely not work.

As testing is currently unusable anyway, I've decided to start the 
migration of udebs to testing, as a slow preparation for RC2.
However, as there are still some changes and translation updates pending, 
we will still need to do a final upload and push before the RC2 release.
I also do not intend to migrate the current kernel udebs as they don't 
match the kernel source/images currently in testing.

There is also no point in posting schedules yet, as the earliest starting 
point for any sane action is the upload of the next kernel version, or 
perhaps even the migration of that kernel to testing.

Again, D-I in testing will remain in an at least partially broken state 
until the RC2 release.


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