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Bug#410354: marked as done ([patch] Correct translation for the "Finnish" language)

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Package: localechooser
Version: 1.36
Tags: patch


The attached patch would fix the localechooser selection of the Finnish language. The current translation, "Suomeksi", actually means "in Finnish", which is not in line with the other translations and it is a bit funny to choose "in Finnish" as the language. A minor detail, but I think it's worth fixing anyway.

You may also check it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_language. Languages are actually written with lower-case letters in Finnish, so it should be really "suomi", but they it would stand out from the rest of the translations so it's okay (and it's a list anyway, where the first letter of each line can be upper-case).

Best Regards,
Timo Jyrinki
Index: languagelist.l10n
--- languagelist.l10n	(revision 45046)
+++ languagelist.l10n	(working copy)
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
 English: English
 Esperanto: Esperanto
 Estonian: Eesti
-Finnish: Suomeksi
+Finnish: Suomi
 French: Français
 Galician: Galego
 Georgian: á?¥á??á? á??á?£á??á??

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Quoting Tapio Lehtonen (tale@iki.fi):
> I did not see an e-mail about this, but was contacted in IRC and read
> the bug report. I translated "Suomeksi", because at one time it was
> asked to use "in Finnish" as the original text, so I changed "Suomi"
> to "Suomeksi". Timo Jyrinki is correct in pointing out that this is
> factually wrong and inconsistent with the other languages.
> It is OK to change this to "Suomi", and I won't raise a fuss, but
> "Suomeksi" is good in showing that it is language, not country. With
> capital first letter, "Suomi" can be country or language. I like
> "Suomeksi", because choosing that shows the installer "in Finnish", so
> it is a good translation.

After reading all contributions, I think that Tapio is the Authority
here and, therefore, I close this bug report.

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