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Bug#410971: interactive aptitude wants to remove hfsutils and sudo after etch installation

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Rick Thomas wrote:
> Package: installation
> Severity: important
> After installation on a powerpc system (PowerMac Blue&White G3) when aptitude is run in interactive (curses) mode, told 
> to do update and finish any pending operations ("g") command, it turns out that the "hfsutils" and "sudo" packages are 
> marked for deletion.  If aptitude is told to go ahead (a second "g" command) it will delete them.  This has bad effects 
> on the health of the system.
> *) hfsutils is used by ybin to setup the boot partition on Macs.  Without it, I can't use ybin to change bootstrap 
> parameters.
> *) sudo is needed if I choose "no root login" at installation time (which I usually do).  Without it I can't do system 
> administration of just about any kind.
> Interestingly,  non-interactive )commandline) aptitude does not seem to share this odd proclivity.  E.g. "aptitude 
> install ntp" does not automatically delete hfsutils or sudo.
> If it's important (this has been going on for a while, so it's not just a glitch in the current daily install CDs) this 
> shows up when installing from [Debian GNU/Linux testing _Etch_ - Official Snapshot powerpc NETINST Binary-1 
> 20070214-00:13]

If ybin can't rewrite the boot partition without hfsutils (I don't
remember and I never removed hfsutils from my PowerBook), then yaboot
should depend on hfsutils, right?

Son't know what to say about sudo, 'though.

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