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Full CD images (was: Will we be releasing some day?)

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 07:07, Joey Hess wrote:
> We could make a beta 4 release at this point. I'm concerned that with
> no usable release of the etch installer currently available, some users
> are being left out in the cold. Daily builds are fine and all, but
> don't include the larger CDs, and break from time to time, so are not
> suitable for certian classes of etch users.

Alternatively we could temporarily switch the weekly builds to use sid_d-i 
instead of RC1 d-i images.

Given the stable nature of D-I in sid ATM that would also give us reliable 
full CD images without the hassle of doing an additional and rather 
pointless release.

It would also mean that we can really start migration of udebs without 
worrying about the state of testing to much so we only need to finalize 
things in testing once we have a final kernel.

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