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Will we be releasing some day?

> Because we are frozen for the release of RC2; you have to draw the line 
> somewhere. The fact that RC2 is taken longer than expected is making me 
> consider to unfreeze D-I again and in that case all translations that 
> have committed changes since the start of the freeze should benefit, and 
> not just French.

I fully agree with that plan.

While talking about this, I begin somewhat to wonder whether we will
release some day or not.

To my understanding, last week's kernel was supposed to be The Kernel
That Rocks, ie the one that will allow us to release.

Now I hear *AGAIN* that "some RC issues have to be fixed and we have
to wait for Yet Another Kernel because of whatever RC issues I have no
clue about.

Isn't that *enough*? Won't there *always* be issues that someone,
somewhere, will consider RC in the kernel?

We bloody have to release now, this is getting much much annoying.

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