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Re: r45041 - in people/rmh/win32-loader: . templates

Quoting Robert Millan (rmh@aybabtu.com):
> On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 12:06:27PM +0200, Eddy Petri?or wrote:
> > 
> > Anyone care to make po4winini?
> Well it was a bit more dirty and hackish... better see it yourself ;-)

A lot hackish...

The trick to put plurals to "second", "minute" and "hour" is
absolutely not possible. Languages have various plural forms and just
putting a translatable "s" will definitely not be enough..:-)

I would suggest you not NOT use "second", "minute" and "hour" but
rather abreviations, which saves you the nightmare of plurals.

Working on a first French translation, I also went on some wording
issues such as :

-not use exclamation marks
-not use "you *have*" that many space on hard disk....use neutral
wordign such as "there is...."
-not use "Enjoy"
-comments for translators would help

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