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Bug#410484: expired d-i RC1

Op 10-02-2007 om 15:12 schreef Duncan Robertson:
> Package: installation-reports
> Boot method: netinst CD etch rc1
> [ install report ]
> Comments/Problems:
> After selecting "Desktop" task it gets in 5% and sits there. The VT
> with the status message says..  a list of packages and "Do you want to
> ignore this warning and proceed anyway?" - type Yes or No..  but there
> is no way to type Yes or No to continue so the install is hung.
> Have installed pretty much the same install on similar hardware using
> same proxy cache in the past with no problems, so somehow the package
> dependancy mix is causing this pause for input when there is no way
> to say Yes to continue.

At http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Today
is the text

[10 Feb 2007] The expiry of the SecureApt key for 2006 has broken most
  rc1 images, with the possible exception of images that can be used
  without using the network, such as the full CD and DVD images. Use daily
  builds of the installer instead, as those have the new archive key.


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