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Bug#410392: interactive/preseed=true doesn't work as expected

On Saturday 10 February 2007 12:46, Robert Millan wrote:
> 16:00 < nyu> joeyh: your last change to interactive/preseed isn't
> working.  I believe it's due to the line in env2debconf that reads 'if
> [ "$SEEN" ]; then' instead of 'if [ "$SEEN" = 1 ]; then'.  I haven't
> tried, though, but that line is clearly wrong ('[' makes no distinction
> between "0" and "1")

Fixed in SVN.

> 16:15 < nyu> no, that wasn't enough.. 
> 16:16 < nyu> I observed that the order of my parameters (locale=xx
> interactive/preseed=true hostname=xx) is altered in
> /var/lib/preseed/log
> 16:16 < nyu> where the order is hostname, locale, then
> interactive/preseed 
> 16:16 < nyu> could that be related? 

Yes, that could well be. env2debconf parses the output of 'set' and AFAIK 
that will list environment variables in alphabetical order, not the order 
in which they were set.

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