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Bug#410392: interactive/preseed=true doesn't work as expected

Robert Millan wrote:
> 16:00 < nyu> joeyh: your last change to interactive/preseed isn't working.  I believe it's due to the line in env2debconf that reads 'if [ "$SEEN" ]; then'
>              instead of 'if [ "$SEEN" = 1 ]; then'.  I haven't tried, though, but that line is clearly wrong ('[' makes no distinction between "0" and "1")


> 16:15 < nyu> no, that wasn't enough..
> 16:16 < nyu> I observed that the order of my parameters (locale=xx interactive/preseed=true hostname=xx) is altered in /var/lib/preseed/log
> 16:16 < nyu> where the order is hostname, locale, then interactive/preseed
> 16:16 < nyu> could that be related?

Yes, I had not realised that this is parsing the output of set, so
there's no guaranteed order, and preseeding it on and then off won't
work. The best I can do is check for interactive/preseed first and have
it apply to everything on the command line if set. I may need to
reconsider and use a different syntax.

see shy jo

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