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Bug#409224: Unable to install on Intel DG965SS

Hi Geert,

Thanks for replying.

I read those 2 bug reports you mentioned and noticed that they both used the amd64 build rather than the i386 build I was using... am I correct in assuming that the amd64 build should be used for Core 2 Duo processors? I downloaded the latest amd64 builds and have managed to get a USB install working.

In doing this I noticed that the daily i386 USB installer I had used was using a 2.6.17 kernel, while the daily CD images are using 2.6.18 - which is presumably why I was getting the mismatched kernel errors. When I first got the error I downloaded fresh daily builds again to make sure I had the same versions, so unless I mucked up the copy to the USB, I believe that the i386 USB daily builds are out of sync with the CD images (or at least, they were at 31/1/2007).

Thanks again,

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Op 05-02-2007 om 13:15 schreef Toby Chamberlain:

I have been unable to install Etch on a Core 2 Duo machine with the Intel
DG965SS motherboard.

Etch RC1 does not recognise the CD Drive (it's an LG DVD-ROM), I believe
this is an issue due to the CD being PATA and the HD being SATA on a
Marvell controller. I tried every trick I could find on the web but none of
them worked.

The daily build for 30/1/2007 had the same issue - I downloaded from

I then tried a USB install of RC1 and got further, but the ethernet card
could not be detected to complete the install. It's an Intel 82566DC which
I believe should work with the e1000 driver, the driver was visible with
lsmod, but there was nothing detected in dmesg. I tried a few other Intel
drivers but no success either.

I tried the daily build from USB but got the error "No kernel modules could
be found" - and something about a possible mismatch with the installer
version (I'm sure you know the one). I've never had to do a USB install
before, so it's possible I did it wrong. I downloaded the daily USB
snapshot from
http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/images/daily/hd-media/boot.img.gz on
31/1/2007, zcat'ted it to the USB stick, then mounted the USB and cp'ed the businesscard.iso onto it (I downloaded it again on 31/1/2007) and used this
to boot the new system.

I have submitted this as bug #409224 with the following report:

Package: installation-reports

Boot method: Business Card CD (RC1 and snapshot 30/1/2007)/USB (RC1 and 31/1/2007 snapshot)
Image version: Firstly RC1 from ftp.au.debian.org
[186 lines deleted]

A few days ago was on this mailinglist the bugreport #394344,
it does reference other BRs like #407759

So I suggest to read http://bugs.debian.org/394344 and http://bugs.debian.org/407759
and write a follow up E-mail to 407759 AT bugs.debian.org

Geert Stappers

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