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Bug#399840: ssh task in tasksel

Op 02-02-2007 om 08:55 schreef Christian Perrier:
> severity 409338 wishlist
> retitle 409338 Please make openssh-server Priority: standard
> reassign 409338 openssh-server
> thanks
> > 
> > 5. I don't know if it was clear that I meant the ssh server.
> >    I think the packages name is openssh-server...
> This wasn't clear, no. The suggestion actually remains similar and
> should be dealt with by the openssh package maintainer.
> However, I was mostly OK with ssh being installed on the standard system
> while I would actually disagree with an SSH server be part of the
> standard system. But I'm not the maintainer..:-)

Bug report #399840 is a wishlist request for ssh server being available
as a task. By fixing #399840 can the ssh server keep his priority _and_
can easily install a ssh deamon by selecting the ssh task.

Geert Stappers
Not the maintainer of openssh-server
Not the maintainer of tasksel

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